Not every connection must lead to a transaction...but...
Voice of Consumer, User-Generated Content, and new routes to Personalized online experiences
Marketers looking to succeed in today's digitally driven economy must know out how to work inside and outside the organization. Here's how.
If nobody cares about having too much stuff, or the environmental impact of "next-day shipping", then any transaction should be equal to the next. But…
"Why would anyone have mentioned Star Wars," I asked (probably using what she likes to refer to as my 'duh voice').
The Myth of the Funnel & the Journey
Find the strategic focus and mental freedom to break away from the drive to the transaction, and embrace the drive to the connection...
Visualizing the Consumer’s Journey
This is not something a clever developer designed, it is a business model pivot that nobody (but the consumer) could have anticipated
Why does a car have a battery?
The Tensions that Drive the Model
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